Out-of-Warranty Repair Price Details

*Please note:

  • The repair quotations provided below are based on the assumption that the repair ticket is normal and that the initial testing has been completed.
  • Quotations are subject to market fluctuations; please refer to the official published prices for the final pricing.
  • Machines with normal defects under warranty will not incur charges. Postage will be paid separately by each party.
  • For machines sent in for repair outside the warranty period, the customer is responsible for the postage.
  • After out-of-warranty payment, you will receive a 15-day warranty.
1. Out-of-Warranty Defective Pricing (Non-mixed boards, non-scrapped)
Types of faults Repair cost USD
Fan(It is recommended to buy a new one directly) $25
Power Supply Unit (PSU) PSU repair services are not provided.
Control Board(It is recommended to buy a new one directly) $65
Hashboard (Moderate Difficulty) $100
Hashboard (High Difficulty) $150
Chips (KS0 ,KS0 PRO ,KS1 ,KS2 ,KS3 ,KS3L ,KS3M) $20 each
Chips (KS5L ,KS5M) $25 each
*If there is a situation where the hash board is corroded and cannot be repaired, it will be treated as a scrapped board.
2. Mixed Board Pricing

Pricing is based on the specific condition of the machine.

3. Special Pricing

a. Oil-soaked or water-damaged machines: Priced according to the cost of a new machine.

b. Inspection Fee: If your product is out of warranty, and upon inspection, it is found that the product is in good working condition and does not require repair services, we will charge you an inspection fee of 30 USD per unit before sending the machine back to you.

c.  Other Charges: If any additional charges are incurred during the product repair process, you are responsible for paying them accordingly.

4. Handling of Overdue Unpaid Repair Orders

If you do not make payment for the relevant fees within 35 days after we provide you with the quotation notice, starting from day 36, we will charge you additional storage fees. The storage fee rates are as follows: for mining machine products, it is 1.5 USD per unit per day, and for other products, it is 1 USD per piece per day. If you still have not made the payment for the relevant fees within 95 days after we provide the quotation, it will be considered that you have abandoned ownership of the product. We reserve the right to dispose of, transfer, or abandon the product at our discretion.

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