Q: Where does ICERIVER ship its mining machines from?

A: We ship from Hong Kong.

Q: Can I purchase ICERIVER products from any country or region?

A: We accept purchases from most countries or regions. However, due to logistical restrictions or local policies, the following countries or regions are unable to make purchases: Mainland China, Russia, Afghanistan, Burundi, Iraq, Libya, Mali, Niger, Somalia, Syria, South Sudan, Yemen, Sudan, Central African Republic, Eritrea, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Venezuela, Moldova, Cuba, Congo, Nicaragua, Haiti, Zimbabwe, Myanmar, and North Korea.

Q: Does ICERIVER support offline pickups?

A: We do not support offline pickups.

Q: Are there any discounts available for purchasing machines?

A: Currently, we do not have any plans to release discounts or coupons.

Q: Does ICERIVER have communities on social media platforms such as Telegram or Discord?

A: We currently do not have any communities or discussion groups on any such platforms. Please exercise caution and verify the authenticity of any related communities.

Q: How can I contact customer support to address my various inquiries?

A: To expedite the resolution of your inquiries, we have introduced a new Support Ticket system. Please click on the link: https://support.iceriver.io/requests/new/, where you can conveniently submit your questions and requests.

Q: What payment methods does ICERIVER support?

A: We support cryptocurrency payments and bank transfers. We recommend cryptocurrency payments as bank transfer confirmation times can be longer, potentially affecting order delivery times. Full payment is required, and cash-on-delivery is not supported.

Q: When will my accessory order be shipped?

A: Currently, all orders for machine accessories will be shipped within approximately 10 days.

Q: The fan of my machine is broken, and I'd like to know what model it is?

A: Here are the fan model details for each machine:
For KS1/KS2/KS3/KS3L/KS3M/KS5L, the internal fan model is 12038.
For KS0/KS0 PRO, the internal fan model is 4010.
For KS0/KS0 PRO, the external fan model is 12025/12038.
The power connector model for the fan is 2510.

Q: Does KS0 come with a power supply? Is the power plug standard suitable for my country/region?

A: The KS0’s price does not include a power supply. You can add a power supply when purchasing the KS0. Regarding the power plug standard, we will provide a local plug compatible with the shipping address.

Q: Do KS1, KS2, KS3, KS3L, KS3M and KS5L come with a power cord?

A: KS1, KS2, KS3, KS3L, KS3M and KS5L do not come with a power cord. Customers need to purchase one separately. KS1 and KS2 use C14 specification power cord, while KS3, KS3L, KS3M and KS5L use C19 specification power cord.

Q: Does ICERIVER provide user manuals for its products?

A: You can download product user manuals from our official website. The download link is https://www.iceriver.io/tutorial/.

Q: Does the product price include taxes? Can the declared value be reduced to minimize taxes?

A: The prices displayed on our official website do not include taxes. Depending on your local customs policies, you are responsible for paying any unpaid taxes and customs duties. These fees are determined by your local customs agency based on the declared value and tax rates of the purchased items. To ensure compliance and integrity, we do not assist customers in reducing the declared value of their products to minimize taxes and fees. We always adhere to local and international tax regulations and insist on truthful declaration of value.

Q: Must shipping information on orders be provided in English?

A: When placing your order, please ensure that all shipping information provided in the form is in the correct English format, including recipient information, detailed address, phone number, postal code, email address, and more. We will forward the information you provide directly to the shipping company.

Q: How long is the delivery time after placing an order?

A: The delivery time can be referred to on the order confirmation page or in the product details, where the estimated delivery time is displayed.

Q: What courier does ICERIVER use for shipping, and is it done by air?

A: We partner with logistics companies such as UPS, DHL, FedEx, EMS, and others, depending on the destination, to provide air freight shipping from Hong Kong. For special countries/regions, we arrange alternative logistics providers as needed.

Q: Are the shipping costs the same if I purchase machines of different models? How much is the shipping fee?

A: Shipping costs vary depending on the models and quantities of machines you purchase. You can view the specific amount when placing your order on the website.

Q: Does ICERIVER provide invoices?

A: Customers can download invoices from the order page after completing the payment.

Q: How long does it take to confirm payment if I use a bank transfer?

A: Bank transfers typically take 2 to 14 days to confirm, and sometimes even longer. As we arrange shipments based on the order of payment confirmation, using bank transfers may lead to delays in order processing due to confirmation delays. Therefore, we strongly recommend using cryptocurrency payments.

Q: Will I receive a tracking number for the package after the order is shipped?

A: After shipment, you will receive an email notification containing the package tracking number.

Q: What is the order shipping sequence based on?

A: We arrange shipments based on the order of payment confirmation.

Q: Can I modify the shipping address after submitting an order?

A: If you need to modify the address after submitting an order, please submit a Support Ticket on our official website.(https://support.iceriver.io/requests/new/#) Our staff will assist you. Once an order has been shipped, the shipping address cannot be modified.

Q: Is it possible to modify an order or request a refund after placing an order?

A: After submitting an order, ICERIVER does not accept requests for order cancellation, partial or full refunds, changing the ordered products to different ones or different batches, or any other modifications.

Q: How can I complete customs clearance when the package arrives at the local customs?

A: After the package arrives at the local customs, the courier company will notify you and provide guidance on completing the customs clearance via phone/email. Any customs delays or returns due to failure to pay duties on time/lack of proper documentation are your responsibility. It is strongly recommended that you familiarize yourself with local customs clearance policies and prepare all necessary clearance documents in advance to avoid any clearance delays or unexpected fees.

Q: If my package is returned, can I get a refund?

A: According to our terms, once an order is placed, ICERIVER does not entertain partial or full refunds. If a package is returned to our warehouse due to customs clearance or tax issues regarding mining machines, customers are required to pay additional return fees. However, if the package successfully returns to Hong Kong, we can assist you in reshipping the package to a new shipping address after you complete the payment for the fees.

Q: What is ICERIVER's product warranty policy?

A: 1. A warranty of 180 days is provided from the date of shipment. Within the warranty period, if you need to repair the machine, we will provide you with the address for sending it in. The shipping cost to send the machine for repairs will be borne by you, but we will cover the return shipping cost. If the warranty period has expired, we will provide paid repair services, and you will be responsible for the repair and shipping costs.

2.The warranty only applies to the original purchaser who bought the machine directly from ICERIVER. Once the machine is resold, warranty responsibility shifts to the reseller.

3.ICERIVER is not responsible for any damage caused by the user’s improper use of the product, including not following ICERIVER’s instructions, specifications, and conditions, or dismantling or modifying the system without prior consent from ICERIVER.

4.If the device needs to be sent in for repair, please submit a Support Ticket on our official website. https://www.iceriver.io/my-account/repair-ticket/

Q: How long is the typical repair period?

A: On the premise that the work order is created correctly, the return time is:
(1) Machines under warranty: The after-sales delivery time is generally within 7 working days from the date of receipt confirmed by the system, and is subject to the actual maintenance progress. For large-volume machines, the maintenance time will be extended based on actual conditions;
(2) Out-of-warranty machine: After-sales delivery time is generally within 7 working days after confirmation of receipt of the repair fee.

Machines under one repair ticket will generally be returned uniformly after sales; if the number of repairs is large, the returns can be divided into several times. If there is a machine out of warranty that requires payment, please pay the repair fee as soon as possible to avoid delaying the return time of the entire machine.

Q: How long is the warranty period remaining for my machine? Can I check it somewhere?

A: You can check the remaining warranty period for your machine on our official website. The link is: https://www.iceriver.io/warranty-inquiry/.

Q: Is there a new firmware version available for my machine? Where can I download it?

A: You can download the latest firmware for your machine from our official website. The download link is:

Q: Does ICERIVER officially provide firmware to upgrade KS3L to KS3M?

A: ICERIVER does not provide any firmware to upgrade KS3L to KS3M. Furthermore, we strongly advise against using third-party firmware or control boards that promise to increase the hash rate. Any damage caused by upgrading to third-party firmware or using third-party control boards will be the responsibility of the customer, and this action will affect the machine’s warranty.

Q: Can control boards from different models be used interchangeably?

A: All control boards sold on the ICERIVER official website are only suitable for the corresponding model of the machine. Any damage caused by customers mixing control boards will be the customer’s responsibility, and this action will affect the machine’s warranty.

Q: Does the new firmware from the official website increase the hash rate?

A: Updating the firmware does not increase the hash rate. If the machine is functioning correctly, we do not recommend updating the firmware.

Q: One of the hashboards in my machine is faulty. Can I just send back the faulty hashboard for repair without sending the whole machine?

A: According to our after-sales terms, only sending the entire machine back to our repair center during the warranty period qualifies for free warranty service. You have two options:
(1)Send back the entire machine: You can choose to send back the entire machine, and we will provide free warranty service.
(2)Send back the faulty hashboard for repair separately: This will be considered out-of-warranty repair, and we will charge a certain repair fee. For specific fees, please refer to the Out-of-Warranty Repair Price Details at https://www.iceriver.io/out-of-warranty-repair-price-details/

Q: What should I do if my machine experiences abnormalities after firmware upgrade?

A: If you encounter any issues after upgrading the firmware, you can restore the factory settings through theRest Button on the machine.
(1)Press and hold the reset button until the D3 and D4 lights start flashing simultaneously. After that, wait for the D3 and D4 lights to stop flashing and remain steady,indicating that the machine is in a reboot-ready state (Do not power off the machine duringthe reboot process).
(2)After the machine reboot, reconfigure the mining pool and wallet to resume mining.
Additional instructions: For more detailed steps and precautions, please refer to the product manual and tools at https://www.iceriver.io/en/tutorial/

Q: What should I do if my machine cannot enter the web interface?

A: Reset the machine: You can try performing a reset on the machine.
(1)Unplug the network cable and Press and hold the reset button until the D3 and D4 lights start flashingsimultaneously. After that, wait for the D3 and D4 lights to stop flashing and remain steady,indicating that the machine is in a reboot-ready state (Do not power off the machine duringthe reboot process).
(2)After the machine reboot, plug the network cable, reconfigure the mining pool and wallet to resume mining.
Use batch processing tools: You can also try using batch processing tools to reset the machine or configure it for mining.
Additional instructions: For more detailed operational steps and precautions, please refer to our tutorial link: Product Manual and Tools at https://www.iceriver.io/tutorial/.

Q: What is the optimal operating temperature for the machine?

A: The optimal operating temperature for ICERIVER miners varies by model, as shown in the diagram below:

Q: Do you have any suggestions for packaging hashboards?

A: Proper packaging of PCB circuit boards is crucial to prevent damage during transportation. Here are some suggestions:
Antistatic packaging: PCB circuit boards are highly sensitive to static electricity and must be packaged using antistatic materials such as antistatic foam or bags. This helps prevent electrostatic discharge from damaging the PCB circuit boards.
Foam padding layer: Add foam padding layers to the bottom and sides of the packaging box to provide additional cushioning and protection. This effectively reduces the impact of external shocks on the PCB board.
Suitable packaging box: Choose packaging boxes with sufficient strength and rigidity to prevent crushing or twisting during transportation. Ensure that the box size matches the PCB board size to minimize movement inside the box.
Labels and instructions: Clearly label the fragility of the packaging and provide correct handling instructions. This helps loading and unloading personnel to handle these packages with extra care.
Filling material: Use appropriate filling materials such as foam particles or airbags inside the packaging box to ensure that the PCB board remains fixed in place, reducing vibration and collision during transportation.

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