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Kaspa was conceived by the R&D company DAGLabs through an investment from PolyChain. Nevertheless, Kaspa is a community project, fully open source, with no central governance and no business model. The founder is Yonatan Sompolinsky, a computer postdoc on Harvard’s MEV research team, and Yonatan’s 2013 paper on the Ghost protocol is cited in the Ethereum white paper. Kaspa’s core developers and contributors include Shai Wyborski, a PhD student in cryptography, Michael Sutton, a CS, Mike Zak, CS Undergrad Studies, cryptography researcher Elichai Turkel, and developer Ori Newman – all of whom have contributed significantly to the network’s implementation and stability.

Kaspa development roadmap.
Mobile wallet app under construction; Rust rewrite of Kaspa nearing completion; smart contracts under construction; 2023 white paper, nodes, number of blocks and block-out per second speed, DagKnight consensus research literature, etc. gradually being optimized.

ICERIVER Team 3/2/2023

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